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I believe that Every Home is Custom. Whether it's your first 2-room condo, that single family home once the kids got bigger, or your dream house high on a hill, each one is an extension of your values, priorities, and lifestyle. So, whether you are looking to buy OR sell your own "custom home", I pride myself on really listening to understand what that means for you. Then, I put my expertise and years' of experience to work with that in mind, and always in your best interests. Call or message me today and let's talk about how I can best help YOU. A little about me: I'm married (approaching 20 years) and have two grade-school aged kids. I love spending time with my wife and being involved in my kids activities - horseback riding and ice hockey. I still like to find my way around a guitar or bass, and during rare quiet moments, I record my musical wanderings. I also brew craft beer and am a very passionate Chicago Blackhawks fan.

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